Real Estate Lending

Real Estate Lending

We lend and invest in real estate projects in the State of Florida. Our loan and investment products include:

The financing of multifamily, senior housing, single-family residential and other diverse commercial real estate offers opportunities that demand customized financing solutions. We provide the following to our borrowers:

  1. Bridge senior-secured lending;
  2. Mezzanine lending; and
  3. Preferred equity.

Provide Customized Financing

We provide customized financing to meet the needs of borrowers. We target borrowers whose options may be limited by conventional bank financing, have demonstrated a history of enhancing the value of the properties they purchase, improve and operate and who may benefit from the customized financing solutions we offer.

Execute Transactions Rapidly

We act quickly and decisively on proposals, provide commitments and close transactions within a few weeks and sometimes days, if required. We believe that our rapid execution attracts opportunities from both borrowers and other lenders that would not otherwise be available. We believe our ability to structure flexible terms and close loans quickly gives us a competitive advantage.

Bridge Financing

We offer bridge financing products to borrowers who are typically seeking short-term capital to use in an acquisition of real property. A typical borrower will usually identify an undervalued asset that has been under managed, can be repositioned and/or is located in a recovering market. Our shorter term bridge financing is advantageous because it allows for time to improve the property value without encumbering it with restrictive, long-term debt that may not reflect optimal leverage for a non-stabilized property.

Mezzanine Financing

We offer mezzanine financing in the form of loans that are subordinate to a conventional first mortgage loan and senior to the mezzanine borrower’s ownership interest in the underlying collateral property. The mezzanine loans will be secured by the mezzanine borrower’s pledge of its ownership interest in the special purpose property owning entity. This structure is intended to be the functionally equivalent to a second mortgage in that collateral property.

Preferred Equity Investments

We also provide financing by making preferred equity investments in entities that directly or through subsidiaries own real property. In cases where the terms of a first mortgage prohibit additional liens on the ownership entity, investments structured as preferred equity in the entity owning the property serve as viable financing substitutes.

We work with commercial loan brokers at national and regional commercial and residential real estate brokerage firms, national and regional real estate capital platforms, brokers engaged in the sale of real estate assets, real estate transactional lawyers and title/escrow real estate professionals, and real estate industry conferences companies and online and print real estate media.

Want to learn more?

If you are in need of financing for your project, please call 1-800-713-1140 or email [email protected] to be connected to our loan origination staff.
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